Updated: Apr 19, 2019

When testing on animals, there are a few different methods that are used. The first method is shaving an area on the animal and applying the cosmetic directly on the shaved area. The second is applying the cosmetic into the animals eyes. Imagine putting cosmetics into your own eyes? The third type of test that is conducted is force feeding the animal the product and the fourth is feeding the animal a "lethal dose" to determine what percentage caused the animal's death. If the animal did not die from any of the tests, all animals are killed usually by asphyxiation, neck breaking or decapitation.

By the way, it is not required by the FDA to test on animals so why go through such extreme

lengths? Besides, you really can't compare animals to humans anyways which makes these tests pretty pointless. Because of scientific advancements, there are far more reliable tests that can be conducted including human cell based tests and computer models that deliver human relative results in a much shorter amount of time.

To conclude, MAXDAHLIA also only uses ingredients that have an extremely long history of safety

with most ingredients being botanical and earth-made that even our ancestors used to beautify themselves. #crueltyfree #cleanbeauty #nevertestedonanimals

Clean beauty brand MAXDAHLIA informing of cruelty free procedures and why animal testing isn't efficient.