Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Unfortunately, aging happens when we are fortunate enough to be alive. Everything ages, people, pets, the food we eat, even our possessions. One of the largest contributors to aging in living things is "cellular aging". Cells have the ability to replicate but only a certain amount of times and when they can no longer replicate, the cell dies. The more exposed to free radicals and other factors like environmental stressors, the more the cell replicates until it dies completely. Pretty depressing right? No, it does not have to be. There are many steps that can be taken to slow down this process drastically.


It is pretty vital to reduce free radical exposure if you want to slow down aging and internal inflammation that also contribute to aging. Aside from reducing exposure to environmental factors, supplementing your skin with powerful antioxidants and other nutrients help join the fight against aging. MAXDAHLIA formulates with only the most powerful antioxidants and nutrients that have been studied and proven effective. We also make your skincare FRESH which means our products do not sit on shelves like most of the products sold on the market which also means you don't receive half oxidized antioxidants. What good are these name brand products if they aren't potent enough like they are advertised to be?!


The ingredients we use in our formulations are CLEAN. We can not stress enough why clean matters. Remember that talk about "cellular aging"? Constant exposure to toxic material causes havoc to your body and your cells. With all of the chemicals a person is exposed to on a daily basis, you definitely do not want to add to that list especially if you are hoping you products will reduce or slow down aging because ultimately, they will speed it up!! In order to get the most from your products, they need to be made with powerful ingredients loaded with nutrients your skin and cells need in order to be healthy and function.


Lastly, what makes a product beneficial and effective is the ingredients that are used BUT what often times gets overlooked is the percentages these ingredients are used at. If this ingredients are used at minimal amounts, they will not produce the benefits that the product is be touted for. Remember that ingredients are listed in a chronological order starting with the highest percentage working it's way down to the lowest percentage. ALWAYS read your labels. For example, if you buy a vitamin C serum that claims it has 15% of whichever form of vitamin c was used but you find it at the bottom of the ingredient list, know that the percentage actually used was much lower than advertised. Why do companies do this? TO SAVE MONEY and make a bigger profit!! Why does MAXDAHLIA not do this because we want you to get what you paid for!!

Anti aging clean skincare line demonstrating the importance of clean skincare made with non toxic ingredients made fresh per order